Full Packing Services

If you are struggling to find the time to get your packing done then we can step in to help you out with this dilemma. Using smart packing solutions and products your stuff will be safe.


We believe in strong partner networks with other moving companies to make rates cheaper and provide more efficient services for you.

Modern Fleet
Clean Trucking Service

We pride ourselves on making sure you move in the cleanest, newest and most modern trucks. We don’t want your freight to get dirty.

The fear for most people when moving out of state for the first time is the unknown. Often it’s a fear of not knowing your new location and what to expect when you get there. We know what you’re feeling and that is why we want to make sure your move goes as easy as possible not to add to your stress by having companies that know exactly what they are doing and who can get you from one place to the next without having to be fretting about it.

We cater to long distance moves because the following reason. We really have a very efficient and seamless moving network that partner with other movers to make sure we have dispatch locations nationwide. The advantages of this is you have access to a licensed moving network that can charge lesser fees because we really work to make sure our trucks come back from your location full from a partnered move. As soon as we move and unload your stuff we head to our moving partners dispatch and are assigned a job that takes us back to your original location. By doing this we are far more efficient and we don’t have to put extra cost on your move for the planned return journey empty which other moving companies do.

We cover every state and also international moves with our global partner alliance so you can get anywhere with us. If you are moving overseas we take you r goods to a port where it’s assigned a shipping container that will solve your international move with ease.

Another reason to contact Affordable Movers US about our long distance moving service is we have always special rates and deals running. Because we are one of the biggest companies we have a great deal of influence with our moving network so we can negotiate the best prices in town. You just get to sit back and enjoy the move instead of having to endure hours trying to negotiate the best rate.

Some of the things you want to ask a moving company that’s moving you out of state are they licensed to move nationwide? Are your goods insured with the moving company and will that insurance apply once it leaves the state? These are small questions that help determine if you are moving with the correct moving company. If you fear that you’re not getting any of this from your moving company then you should not go with them. They will be able to answer all of these questions for you.