Full Packing Services

If you are struggling to find the time to get your packing done then we can step in to help you out with this dilemma. Using smart packing solutions and products your stuff will be safe.


We believe in strong partner networks with other moving companies to make rates cheaper and provide more efficient services for you.

Modern Fleet
Clean Trucking Service

We pride ourselves on making sure you move in the cleanest, newest and most modern trucks. We don’t want your freight to get dirty.

With so many moving companies around it can be stressful having to deal with requesting prices off numerous companies to get the best deal in town. Here at affordable movers you will find we have a team that monitors our competition so we can give you the best moving prices. We can save you money on moving and lend you some education in awareness of what to watch in other moving companies that try to bill you for extra services.

We are also recognized as a national moving company, which has huge advantages. If you are moving from one state to another the guys that move you will normally bill you extra for gas on the return journey and also time lost. So if you are moving from one coast to another you could be paying a great deal extra if that truck has to make the return journey back empty. With the advantages of nationwide moving companies they have a depot where they can go and pick up other work so they don’t need to return back to their home depot empty handed. This means you don’t incur extra charges so just remember that when shopping around for moving quotes.

When we originally set up Affordable Movers US we wanted this company to have some key traits and these traits would shape the future and vision of the company. We wanted to look at what was good in other moving companies and what was not so good to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes. That is why through extensive research and planning we have managed to craft this firm that has been responsible for thousands of moves nationwide and has the success and skill of being able to provide a fantastic service that most other moving companies envy.

If you are doing your research and you are shopping around for a moving quote then we advise you to give us a call as you will probably find after a few calls we have the best rate out of all the licensed moving companies in the area. Don’t put your world’s possessions in the hands of an unlicensed moving company. Pick someone that at least is registered as licensed and has to abide by a code so you know your stuff is safe and insured throughout the move.

Never worry again about having to deal with comparing expensive moving prices because we have already done it for you to make sure we are the cheapest.