Full Packing Services

If you are struggling to find the time to get your packing done then we can step in to help you out with this dilemma. Using smart packing solutions and products your stuff will be safe.


We believe in strong partner networks with other moving companies to make rates cheaper and provide more efficient services for you.

Modern Fleet
Clean Trucking Service

We pride ourselves on making sure you move in the cleanest, newest and most modern trucks. We don’t want your freight to get dirty.

When you look for a moving company you want one that offers you a fair amount of services. You will find this with our company Affordable Movers US; here we offer a diverse range of options to suit all of our customers’ needs. These can range from services such as:

Long Distance Moves – When you are thinking about moving certain things have to be considered in the overall game plan. How much stuff do you have to move and how far are you moving? There are a few different options. You can go the conventional route of having a team of movers come in and pack up your belongings and load them and ship them to your new location. The other option is you can have a pod delivered to outside your home. You can then pack the pod up in your own time and call us to pick it up for you and ship it. The two options are great and they give you some flexibility.

Business Moves – If you are considering relocating your business you will defiantly need a reliable mover who does it all. A good moving company will be able to do all this for you and help with the overall planning. If you have expensive computers or files that need packing up then we will be able to help with all of that and much more. We also have a large fleet of moving trucks and moving crews, which helps because when you have an office move it has to be done quickly so your business is not suffering.

Packing Services – If you are trying to pack everything up yourself and you are finding it a time consuming task we have movers that also provide packing services for you. The great thing about having a team that provides this service is they have done this many times so they know how to pack everything in an efficient and safe manner. So don’t stress next time you have to pack we can provide help for you.

Local Moves – We have been moving people locally for over a decade now. From large moves to smaller moves it does not matter to us and we can help you out. We have the advantage of having a large fleet of trucks that can handle any size of move.

Residential Moves- We specialize in moving you from one home to the next. From studio apartments to large homes all work is taken on and we deal with it in our stride, we will take on the challenge and enjoy it. Our movers can even come and inspect your home to see how much stuff you have to give you a very accurate price.