Efficient and Economical

Licensed and Trusted

Full Packing Services

If you are struggling to find the time to get your packing done then we can step in to help you out with this dilemma. Using smart packing solutions and products your stuff will be safe.


We believe in strong partner networks with other moving companies to make rates cheaper and provide more efficient services for you.

Modern Fleet
Clean Trucking Service

We pride ourselves on making sure you move in the cleanest, newest and most modern trucks. We don’t want your freight to get dirty.

We supply the best movers and shipping methods

to make sure your move is perfect.

Our Business

Planning is the key to any move.

We have seen it countless times in not only the moving industry but other industries. If you are not a good planner then your business will not be efficient or effective. We setup Affordable Movers US because we saw so much disorganization in the moving industry. Delays in service and peoples appointments getting cancelled last minute Is just not good enough. We came in to this industry to change that by creating good moving networks to make sure you get the cheapest and most efficient rates nationwide.

Why Choose Us?

We set you up with the right mover.

When it comes to moving you need to require a few things. Foremost is making sure they are licensed. Our moving network only deals with licensed moving companies because we believe that by using licensed movers it’s a good way to protect yourself. Make sure they tick all the correct boxes and what we mean by that is some movers won’t cover every service that you would expect. Don’t get locked in to a deal with a mover that will charge “extras” because they normally don’t cater to what you are requesting. This can happen with some moving companies and quite frankly it’s a sneaky tactic. Every mover in our network is up front about the pricing structure so you don’t get taken to the cleaner with sneaky fees.

Provided Services